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ASL Business Solutions ‘s ERP, built on the agile and powerful Microsoft Dynamics platform, offers industry-specific ERP solutions for retail, professional services, utilities, wholesale distribution, healthcare and manufacturing.

Changing economics. Shifting industry trends. Evolving customer expectations. Mergers and acquisitions across borders. The never-ending need to drive down costs. Despite all these challenges, opportunities still abound. Organizations that are agile, flexible and tightly integrated will prosper. The right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can address these challenges and provide the agile and flexible operational management infrastructure for businesses across industries to seize new opportunities.

These solutions are based on leading practices, processes, technologies, tools, methodology and documentation that we expertly apply in the design and delivery of Dynamics ERP.

ASL Business Solutions is Microsoft’s  ERP delivery partner with many ERP resources – many with the highest levels of Microsoft certifications. Having delivered more than 10 ERP projects  and with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP delivery capabilities spread across Nigeria, we are uniquely positioned to implement projects across the globe.

Our ERP solutions are available on-premises or in the cloud and are designed to:

  • Deliver predictable, high quality implementation results, faster with less cost and risk

  • Integrate seamlessly with your heterogeneous business systems environment to connect partners, customers and employees

  • Provide multiple deployment options to meet your specific business needs, such as provide an end-to-end ERP solution or a solution to manage specific workloads in your business

Many businesses are facing a growing number of regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements that are increasing the complexity of their financial and procurement processes. ASL Business Solutions has worked with leading businesses throughout Nigeria as well as our partners Microsoft to develop financial and procurement capabilities that simplify this complexity and help you create agile and streamlined operations.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, ASL Business Solutions ERP for Financials and Procurement offerunique financial ERP features based on leading industry best practices that will help your business streamline complex processes, improve reporting and ensure compliance. For example, our solution is pre-configured with specific processes designed to reduce the time it takes to consolidate information from subsidiaries within a corporate entity. This includes fulfilling statutory requirements in more than 40 countries and support for associated local languages, time-zones and currencies.

By taking advantage of our solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Support complex financial and procurement processes, and enable compliance with statutory regulations and business practices

  • Streamline business processes with a powerful workflow and support complex reporting needs across the organization

  • Develop the agility needed to adapt easily to change and drive business growth

  • Enhance employee productivity with self-service applications and intuitive, familiar tools

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Professional Services helps you achieve goals by enabling your business to better manage and control projects, tasks, and engagements, so you can quickly respond to all customer needs and requests. As a professional services organization, the key to success is delivering projects and service engagements of the highest quality, on time and on budget. Our solution offers out-of-the-box functionalities tailored for a broad range of professional services organizations including: consultancy, accounting, legal and audit, architecture, engineering and construction, real estate, IT services, media and entertainment, and advertising and marketing.

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Professional Services, built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, provides an integrated, single view across your organization with accurate, timely information for better management of projects and service tasks at lower cost. With core functions available out-of-the-box, professional services firms like yours can get started quickly and improve productivity right away. Our solution provides distinct capabilities for project- or service-oriented firms.

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Professional Services helps project management-centric firms:

  • Translate all customer requests into accurate quotes

  • Manage and control your projects through real-time information at all times

  • Allocate resources when and where they are needed and assign the right people with the right skills to the right jobs

  • Control project budget and profitability at any time through extensive reporting and budget-tracking

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Professional Services helps service management-centric firms:

  • Use the planning board to quickly and flexibly allocate resources to service tasks

  • Stay up-to-date on all situations through real-time resource tracking

  • Monitor service contracts and service levels to optimize customer relationships

  • Accurately record expenses and analyze profitability via real-time statistics

Dynamics Business Solutions ERP for Healthcare, based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, manages business processes from human resources to financial transactions, procurement to regulatory compliance. we’ve developed processes and capabilities specific to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare institutions face unique and diverse challenges in attempting to enhance patient care while controlling healthcare delivery costs. Our healthcare process expertise enables ASL Business Solutions to deliver an ERP solution designed specifically to transform and optimize business processes that meet today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare industry challenges.

Our solution is designed to provide a streamlined, fully-integrated and highly automated IT framework for healthcare providers with a low total cost of ownership. It smoothly integrates with existing technology like your Hospital Information System using healthcare industry integration standards.

ASL Business Solution’s ERP for Healthcare delivers:

  • Role-specific business insight: the right information for the right person at the right time

  • Optimized procurement processes with a centralized web portal to manage purchase orders, balance stock levels and reduce costs

  • Improved operational efficiency through business process integration between Procurement, Logistics and Finance. For example distribution of sterile and non-sterile goods, automatic invoice matching and integrating pharmacy supplies with purchase orders.

  • Easy, consolidated financial reporting based on transparent data

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Manufacturing is designed to make it easier for industrial manufacturers to adapt quickly to changing business conditions while building stronger customer relationships and controlling operational costs.

With increasing customer demand for innovations at lower costs as well as rapid changes to global supply chains, today’s manufacturers require flexible business solutions that enable them to more effectively to adapt to changing business conditions.

Based on the agile Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform and ASL Business Solution’s unique industry expertise, our solution helps manufacturers improve how they manage every stage of the manufacturing process from design to delivery — and every step along the way — including marketing and sales, quote and bid management, procurement, build, customer financing, storage and moving.

We have the industry expertise and resources to handle the largest global customers with the most complex operations. We’ll help you implement manufacturing ERP solutions quickly and effectively, so you realize the benefits from your investment over shorter timeframes.

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Manufacturing delivers:

  • Industry-specific processes that improve operational responsiveness and reduce costs, and enable closer relationships with customers and suppliers, better communications, and faster time-to-market

  • An intuitive design that decreases user learning time and increases adoption and productivity

  • Tight integration with other Microsoft applications—including SharePoint, Office and your enterprise applications—to improve business process and data integration across your organization

ASL Business Solution’s dedicated support organization is here to help you stay on top of things, providing you with the necessary functionality extensions, upgrades and much more. We will help you drive continuous improvement and ensure a lower total cost of ownership – whether you already have a Microsoft ERP solution in place or are looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Our Application Management expertise not only covers Microsoft Dynamics ERP but also all other Microsoft applications and selected third-party programs connected to your ERP solution.

Re-thinking, optimizing and automating your business processes is not just a matter of implementing a new ERP solution and being done with it. Investing in new business management systems is a continuous effort, with new market demands and business challenges requiring you to adapt your systems on a regular basis.

We plan for the long term, aligning IT and evolving business needs to increase your organization’s agility, helping you get the maximum value from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP investment through:

  • Continuous improvement – gradually introducing new functionality and optimizing the use of existing modules in order to harness the full power of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

  • Operational continuity – for your applications and infrastructure through unparalleled support, to meet required service levels.

  • Lower risk – as you are shielded from the increased complexity of release management; protected from rising maintenance costs and problems caused by deteriorating code; and insulated from delays in implementing new functionality.

  • Controlled cost – without the expense in time and money of recruiting, training and retaining internal application support teams.

ASL Business Solutions ERP for Wholesale Distribution, built on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, can help your organization improve agility to respond effectively to changing market conditions while enabling greater operational efficiency in inventory management, order processing and warehousing. Our wholesale distribution process expertise, coupled with the functional depth of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, enables us to deliver an ERP solution designed specifically to transform and optimize wholesale distribution business processes. 

Today, wholesale distributors are facing many challenges. Competition is growing and major players are moving distribution in-house. Supply chains are becoming more complex by the day and customers are increasingly more demanding, applying serious pressure on profit margins.ASL Business Solutions ERP for Wholesale Distribution can help you connect suppliers, employees and customers around the world and give you more control over operations—all of which translates to improved customer service and reduced costs.

With ASL Business Solution’s ERP for Wholesale Distribution you can:

  • Improve supply chain efficiency with better forecasting and more streamlined ordering processes to optimize inventory, reduce overhead and manage suppliers more effectively.

  • Increase profit margins using sophisticated pricing and customer-centric strategies to expand business opportunities, as well as manage rebates more effectively.

  • Raise customer satisfaction by ensuring you meet their demands for competitive pricing, improved service, better availability, easier ordering and accurate delivery across all channels.

  • Align IT to the business to increase your ability to respond to market changes and boost your competitiveness

    Gain real-time visibility into your value chain with an integrated set of KPI’s and easy financial reporting, leading to better-informed decisions

ASL Business Solutions Cloud ERP helps you reduce ERP implementation risks and associated costs by deploying Microsoft Dynamics ERP ( AX, GP, NAV) in a fully-managed, private cloud computing environment. Our cloud solution is scalable and flexible to support your unique IT environment and requirements. We configure Microsoft Dynamics ERP to support your specific requirements, and offer ongoing user support, application management, pre-production/production environments and system maintenance services.

ASL Business Solutions can deliver Microsoft Dynamics ERP both in the cloud and on-premises, even switching from one to the other to support the needs of your business.

ASL Business Solution’s Cloud ERP solution provides:

  • A private cloud environment with a customizable platform designed to fit your specific needs

  • Simple subscription-based pricing: Pay-as-you-go with no hidden fees

  • A secure, innovative architecture meeting the latest industry standards, including SAS 70 and SSAE 16

  • Service Level Agreements with a minimum standard of 99.9% availability that can scale to the highest possible levels

  • Trouble-free operations: We handle all monitoring and management of infrastructure and applications 24-7 and provide critical incident support if necessary

ASL Business Solutions has helped retailers across the globe connect, transform and optimize their retail management processes and systems. Our retail industry expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft platform can help you to address changing customer expectations. Whether you want to focus on one area of the business, or fundamentally transform your operations from stores and eCommerce to supply chain and back office, we can help.

Today’s retail customers expect flexible interaction channels that empower them to shop where and when they want—supported by personalized offers, high product availability and assortment, and rich product information that enhance their shopping experience. Retailers who are slow to respond to changing consumer preferences risk erosion of their brand influence and profits.


We’ll help you implement an innovative retail ERP management system with retail-specific components that connect store, headquarters and supply chain – from planning and initial ordering, to selling and replenishment.


We apply industry-leading practices that enable you to transform your retail ERP management processes and systems, allowing your people to focus on what they do best and your organization to reach its full potential.


We provide assets, tools and methods that help you continually optimize business processes, technology and usability in order to grow revenues, reduce costs, increase margins and maximize efficiency.

Based on the proven Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform for Retail and extensive industry research,ASL Business Solution’s Connected Retail solution delivers true end-to-end retail management capabilities. ASL Business Solutions Connected Retail can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud across store, mobile, social and eCommerce channels.

ASL Business Solutions Connected Retail delivers:

  • A complete shopping experience to customers across all channels to create unrivaled customer loyalty

  • Comprehensive management of sourcing, purchasing, requisition and replenishment processes to improve inventory, cash flow and cross channel sales

  • Proactive planning for key functional areas guided by industry-leading retail practices

  • A customer-centered enterprise which integrates stores and warehouse with back office processes to optimize operations and make better business decisions

ASL Business Solutions Two-Tier ERP approach, based on the Microsoft Dynamic ERP platform, enables you to better serve your global operations. We configure and deploy ERP processes that are tailored for your subsidiaries and remote business units. Then we enable financial and data consolidation between your Microsoft Dynamics  ERP solution and your headquarters’ ERP systems to facilitate global reporting and business intelligence needs. We have distinct expertise in effectively deploying ERP solutions across multiple business units and sites through our global ERP template approach. Our delivery network is ready to support your deployments and provide application management worldwide.

Is your organization running multiple ERP systems to support subsidiaries or remote business units? Migrating these business entities to your legacy headquarters’ ERP solution can be expensive and can complicate supporting business requirements at a local level. Instead, we recommend implementing a common, agile and flexible ERP solution across your subsidiaries and remote business units that supports local requirements and integrates business processes and data with your headquarters’ ERP. ASL Business Solutions refers to this approach as a two-tier ERP model. And we have successfully used it at companies in Nigeria.

ASL Business Solutions Two-Tier ERP delivers:

  • Tighter integration of global operations, helping to improve business management and performance

  • Standardization of business processes and group-level best practices to achieve better visibility (globally) into business operations and to improve overall compliance

  • Reduced ERP system costs by enabling the sharing of IT costs, processes and responsibility for solution roll-out across global operations

  • Financial and data consolidation between your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution and your headquarters’ ERP systems